Good mental health pertains to having positive characteristics with relation to the mind.


The exercise involves engaging the body in physical activity. For instance, through cardio andweight training. This is because when an individual engages in physical activity, the brain is prompted to release endorphins. Endorphins are feel-good hormones that elevate an individual’s emotional status. Being in good physical health facilitates the promotion of good mental health.


Human beings are created to have a sense of spirituality. There are various religions in existence. These include Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. In these religions, there is the common belief in the presence of a God who is the provider and sustainer of life. The individuals who engage in religious practices foster a sense of mental wellbeing because they can deal with issues that are stressful, for instance through interacting with fellow believers, praying, meditating and achieving mindfulness which means being present at the moment as it is happening.

Seeking Counsel

When and if an individual is faced with problems that they are not able to deal with on their own, instead of bearing that burden, they can look for health from professionals who are properly trained in the administration of mental health care. Some of the issues these individuals may be faced with include: social anxiety, depression and substance abuse.

Develop A Giving Culture

When an individual does something that goes into assisting the less fortunate in the community in areas where they need the support, the contribution they make facilitates the development of positive emotions which in turn translate to good mental health. Doing voluntary work, for example, counseling or donating necessities assists the individual to feel better because they feel like they are making their fellow human beings with life bearably and happily.

Identification Of An Individual’s Strengths

brainAn individual who is mature is capable of determining what their area of expertise lies based on their talents and hobbies. This expertise is a show of strength and putting this strength to use good mental health. This is because it creates a sense of purpose for the individual when they use their strengths to assist other people while also making their lives easier.

Being Grateful

Showing gratitude can promote mental wellbeing of the individual because it shows that they are attentive to and aware of the good things that are happening in their lives on a daily basis. It requires optimism from the individual and is, therefore, fundamental in enhancing good mental health.